Evgeni Koroliov was born in Pinsk, Belarus. He currently lives in Minsk and works as an artist & illustrator. Evgeni studied academic drawing and painting at VSU, he received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2009, and a year later — a Master’s degree in Art History. The main focus of his creative activity are portraits and characters design. 

The graphic images created by Evgeni Koroliov have a presence of translucency and often incorporate filigree designs. Upon viewing Evgeni Koroliov’s portraits, you are firstly left astounded at the realism of the portrait and then secondly, we are bewildered at his natural ability to make the pencil dance to his vision while portraying his breath. You look at them, afraid to turn and inadvertently miss the wave of eyelashes or hand gesture, describing the air recollection of sleep. Inspired by classic films, the artist himself sometimes plays the role of a director putting his characters in a cinematic scene – because they are beautiful and ready to come to life  (Ju Toman).